For scribblers, doodlers and everyone who loves to sketch

Look at a daffodil. What do you see?

Is it a square, a circle or a triangle?

Are the outlines of the shape straight, curved or wiggly?

In the blooming gorgeous 500 Fabulous Flowers botanical illustrator Lisa Congdon has draws everything from tulips to pansies and dandelions to roses for would-be artists to copy, trace and ultimately create their own.

Images: Lisa Congdon

Part sketchbook, part illustrated guide, Congdon’s drawings are comprised of simple combinations of lines and shapes, each with a blank space for you to start drawing your own. There are over 900 drawings of fragrant florals, buds and blossoms to inspire scribblers.


The drawings in the book simplify flowers to their most basic elements, and bring these shapes together to create everything from poppies to zinnas and proteas to honeysuckle.

Lisa did not start painting or drawing until she was in her early 30’s.  Once she started, she was hooked, and for the last 15 years she has been drawing, writing and cutting paper nearly every day.

She says: Grab a pencil, pen, marker or brush, and have fun drawing lots of flowers (real or imagined) of your very own.

We say: Pass the pencil case, we want to chalk on the pavement too.

See more at Today is Going to be Awesome

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