Hello spring for 50 pence

Hello spring.

Hello discount supermarkets filled with ultra cheap, ultra gorgeous tulips, daffodils and hyacinth flowers, for as little as 50p.

Here’s how to make them look like a million dollars.

Tip the bulbs out of their plastic pots and re-pot into old plant pots, adding a little multi-purpose compost. Stand the pot in a simple bowl, to catch the drips when you water. Choosing bulbs still in bud means you can enjoy watching the flowers open. Buy vintage terracotta plant pots here.

Spring flowers indoors are luxurious. Choosing tulips, daffodils, paperwhites and hyacinths when they are in season means they are a fraction of the price of other times of year.

With simple flowers, the trick is in how you arrange them. Drop fresh bunches into clean jars and let them fall into place themselves. Cutting the bottom of each stem with scissors and keeping the water clean will make your blooms last over a week. This hyacinth and tulip bunch is £5 from discount store Lidl.


More is more is more is more. Using affordable flowers means lots of them. Make spring sing.

Queen Thrift of Springtime? Yes, please.


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